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Here's our story.


Formed in 2002, Fuel is a leading  Website Design Agency specialising in Custom Websites, eCommerce, Customer Experience and Marketing Automation.

Fuel Design Ltd was started by Jason Carr in 2002. With a Design Agency background, Jason could see that many unattractive websites that were being re-created from templates and were full of 'code bloat' and usually not well built for search engines. His goal was to create custom designed websites for companies that were interested in boosting their brand online, and who understood good design.

From these early design days, Fuel ventured out into e-commerce websites, and once again found that most of the online-store websites in New Zealand were either store-only sites with no descent website to showcase the business, had less than average User Experiences, and once again were bloated with code and therefore had no chance to rank well in search engines.

Fuel's goal was to make better websites from designs that were custom made in-house (not overseas) and e-commerce that was well designed, fast and enjoyable for the customers to use.

It was only natural from there that Fuel also got more into Digital Marketing, Customer Journey's and Customer Experience's to help businesses exceed online.  Fuel noticed that when these techniques were used together, companies experienced far greater synergies and improved online sales.

Fuel's goal was to 'untangle the web' by using software that had everything the business needed in one place, this made it FAR more usable for businesses, and this has helped customers all over New Zealand and the world.

Today, Fuel has achieved their goals...

  • Fuel offer custom, and packaged website solutions (never templated), that are designed in-house (not by outsourced staff)
  • Fuel specialise in e-commerce, but also create beautiful website solutions for their e-commerce customers (unlike most e-commerce platforms that don't allow many website capabilities)
  • Fuel pride themselves on the Search Engine work they create as their websites are developed, they even offer a guarantee on specific platforms
  • Fuel are in the top 5 for all their own keyword phrases (not an easy task in this market)
  • Fuel have developed their support over the years and now have excellent systems
  • Fuel have great relations with long lasting clients, who see us their long-term web partners
  • Fuel use the best website platforms that give great results in SEO and Google PageSpeed Insights, and importantly are easy to use for their clients
  • Fuel pride themselves on the marketing capabilities and can provide a 'one stop' digital agency solution for customers needing design, SEO, SEM, Marketing, Photography, Copywriting and more.

From this ethos, Fuel have created their tag line...

Fuel your business online.

Our Process.

Find out more about the Fuel Process and how the systems we have developed over the many years we have been in business will help your business to achieve online success.

The Fuel Process The Fuel Process