customer experience (CX) + Digital Marketing

A Better Customer Experience with our Oncord Digital Marketing tools.

What is Customer Experience?

People buy from businesses they like! How they view such a business is a sum of their experiences across the full lifecycle of their interactions. Understanding and managing this life cycle from a digital perspective is essential for the growth and current bottom-line of any significant business. A common way of managing an automating these experiences is through system-based Customer Journeys. 

E-mail & SMS Marketing, Target Your Campaigns Reporting & Statistics, Automate & Schedule Campaigns, Schedule & Share Content to Social Media Pages, Handle RSVP, and Run Successful Events...

All from one admin!

Email Marketing

Advanced Email Marketing Campaigns.

Email Campaigns are an excellent way to promote new products, specials, send out new blogs and articles, create competitions and a lot more. But even though your email database is 'connected' to your website - is it really capturing ALL the data you need to create truly smart Email Campaigns, is it giving you ALL the reporting you need, and is it cost effective?

For example, create an email campaign to all customers who successfully purchased a specific product (or product line) in the last six months, that didn't buy a widget that goes with that product, that lives in Auckland, and are over the age of 18!

Some email systems can be arduous to use, and can't segment within the one campaign. Talk to us about creating truly integrated Email Campaign solutions that will grow your business quickly online.

Social Media Marketing.

Having a unified brand experience across your businesses social networks and your website is an important factor when establishing trust with new customers.

Keeping all of these networks up to date and consistent is repetitive and time consuming. The Oncord Social Media interface allows you to post content across multiple platforms without having to log in and out of different accounts.

You can then manage and monitor responses straight from the platform.

Social Media Marketing
Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation.

Great marketing is about creativity. But for most marketing professionals and small business owners, most of their time is spent on repetitive marketing tasks instead of pursuing new ideas and channels.

The Oncord automation engine lets you take the monotony out of marketing. Set workflows to run autonomously so you can focus on the things that matter.

Event Management.

Events are a powerful way to foster a community around your brand. The Oncord platform handles the entire Event Management process from start to finish.

Configure the event details to suit your needs, with a range of options and settings available. Promote the event through landing pages and email campaigns. Manage RSVP's, send reminders, print name tags and guest lists, and collect feedback from attendees. All in the one place.

Event Management

Key Digital Marketing Features:

 E-mail Marketing
 SMS Marketing
 Automated Workflows
 Targeted Campaigns
 Event RSVP & Reminders
 Social Media Posting
 Generate Your Newsletters
 Analytics & Reporting
 Drag-and-drop E-mail Builder