oncord + simpro website integration

simPRO website Integration.

simPRO Website Integration

Save time and money by automatically synchronising data from your website to simPRO, and from simPRO to your website.

Field service management software for every workflow Successfully run your business with a single software solution built for service, project and maintenance management. With features for office and field, simPRO’s cloud-based solution gives you everything you need to manage operations and grow your business.

The simPRO integration works by synchronising the following information:

From Oncord

From simPRO


  • Changing a contact's details in any part of your website admin will also update in simPRO.
  • Deleting a contact in your website admin will not delete them in simPRO.


  • All contacts within simPRO are pulled into your website admin.
  • Any change to contact details of customers will be reflected in your website admin.
  • Deleting a contact will not remove them from your website admin.

Form Submissions

  • Depending on the configuration, Online Form submissions will create new leads in simPRO.


  • Creating / Re-Naming or Deleting groups in your website admin will not modify simPRO tags.


  • simPRO tags will appear in your website admin as groups.
  • simPRO contacts that are "tagged", will appear in the relevant groups in your website.

When Does it Sync?

You can choose to enable or disable automatic synchronisation within the simPRO integration configuration page.

your website admin will batch-sync with simPRO two minutes after an update takes place within Synergy 8. For instance, if you updated a contact's email address at 3:00 pm, and then an invoice is created at 3:03 pm, both changes would be reflected at 3:04 pm within simPRO.

If no update takes place in your website admin, a scheduled sync will take place after one day to download data from simPRO.

Contact Fields Synchronised

The following contact fields are synchronized with simPRO:

  • First Name, Last Name
  • Company Name
  • Address, Suburb, Postcode, State, Country
  • Phone 1, Phone 2, Mobile Phone
  • Email Address
  • Website
  • When an Online Form submission creates a Lead, the form fields will appear in the Lead Description field in simPRO.

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