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Migrate your Website Engine. Keep your website design.

keep your current web design with a cost effective website migration, and re-Fuel your business online.

So you like your design, and maybe it only needs a few 'tweaks'? We can migrate your current website design onto a more modern platform that will give you more exposure, better organic search engine rankings and even built in Marketing & Automation options - all with Fuel's Google PageSpeed Guarantee.

What's YOUR current Google PageSpeed Insights score? What's YOUR current Google PageSpeed Insights score?

Keep your existing website design and save time and money.

We can migrate over your current web design, and even make a few 'tweaks' to modernise your website design if you need. We can discuss the best website platforms to consider, and initiate our personalised Workshop together to ensure we hit all the required goals to Fuel your business online.

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website speed and security

Increase your website speed.

Do you want to take advantage of a more modern website platform, with better Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and a Google Insights Guarantee? We specialise in organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and we have helped customers all over the world increase their PageSpeed and create better visibility in Search Engines.

Love using your new website with personalised training.

All our websites come with personalised training sessions, so you know exactly how to use your new website, e-commerce, and marketing engine (optional). We even have private Search Engine Training so you can make regular changes to your website yourself and control your paid marketing.

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website backups

Be Safer. Sleep better.

We talk to new customers that tell us how their websites have been hacked (often more than once), this is not uncommon. Don't become another website statistic. Our website migration options are a LOT more secure. We also use web systems that backup your website (automatically and manually) so you know where your data is at all times. And if you opt for our Oncord or CoreCMS migration, these are not plugin based so you don't have to update plugins constantly to ensure your website is not vulnerable.

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Following extensive research of web designers and having high expectations for our new eCommerce website targeting an international market, we chose Fuel Design.We are extremely impressed with Fuel Design's ability to bring all of the complex elements necessary to create a successful eCommerce website; including a stylish contemporary design, ease of use functionality that most importantly, creates a web experience that our customers enjoy. We highly recommend Fuel Design and look forward to working with them as our web communication needs expand.

- YG

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