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Are you tired of templated websites, and need something that actually performs online? Is your business ready to take the next step?

Fuel is an Auckland web design company specialising in boutique custom web design solutions and powerful eCommerce (online shop) websites. Our in-house team has helped Fuel hundreds of businesses just like yours.

Beautifully Custom Crafted Designs & Website Packages to suit your budget.

We specialise in Custom designed websites - no templates allowed! But we also have amazing website packages if you have budget constraints, or just want to embellish your website  at a later date.

Custom Website Design Auckland and Website Packages
Web Design since 2002

100% New Zealand owned and operated since 2002!

Over the past 19+ years of building websites, the Fuel team realised it's important to specialise in what we do best and deliver a solution that businesses need to grow online sales, increase exposure and enhance their digital identity. We are 100% NZ owned and operated (unlike other 'Kiwi' web designers)  and we have helped hundreds of businesses just like yours in New Zealand and overseas to grow their businesses online.  Since 2002!

Designed for humans,
built for Google.

We pride ourselves on our 'On-Build' Search Engine Optimisation. This is a huge step that is often missed in the market today. This creates the foundations of good SEO and without this you could have to spend a fortune to boost or fix your website in search engines such as Google.

Google Friendly Website Design
Web Design by Fuel

100% designed and developed by our in-house team at Fuel, not outsourced.

As NZ web design and development agencies move more into outsourcing their work, Fuel has moved in the opposite direction. All our designers, developers and project management is done in-house. This means more control, better communication, better relationships and a far better result for your business.

We use only the very best Content Management Systems (CMS).

There are hundreds of website Content Management Systems (CMS) to control your website content, products, customers, etc in the market today. Each system has it's advantages and disadvantages. We have spent years finding only the very best website systems to build your website in. Talk to us today about the benefits of each system and which CMS is right for your business.

Website Design Platforms
Web Design Support

Support & maintenance is a priority.

As your business needs evolve to meet the changing market dynamics, so must your online strategy. With this in mind, Fuel aims to develop long-term relationships with our clients. Whether it's day-to-day support, or a significant refresh of your website, Fuel have the processes in place to take care of your needs.

Systems, processes and good communication are the key to creating a website that truly performs

A detailed assessment of your goals and expectations will be the start of your digital journey, followed by a detailed WORKSHOP creating sitemaps, visual design direction and to finalise functionality and any integration requirements. We set everyone up in our online communication and file management platform (TeamWork) to ensure good communication and where everything can be managed, and that's just the start.

The Fuel  process The Fuel  process
Our Website Design Process

Our Story

Over the past 19+ years of building websites, the Fuel team realised it's important to specialise in what we do best and deliver a solution that businesses need to grow online sales, increase exposure and enhance their digital identity. Find out more about our origins and how we became one of Auckland leading Website Design Agencies.

Our Story Our Story

Fuel's 80% plus
Google Insights Guarantee!

Google is changing it's algorithm and it's creating huge waves in the Search Engine rankings. Most websites we see barely break 50/100 in Google Insights and this can heavily affect your rankings. We guarantee at least 80% for your Core Web Vitals in both mobile and desktop (mobile being the most important now that Google is 'mobile-first').

Fuel's Google Insights Guarantee Fuel's Google Insights Guarantee

We recently commissioned Fuel to help us put together a new website for our business. The new website is vastly more appealing than the old site; it has a clean, crisp look to it and contains more information than what was previously possible. In conjunction with the CMS, which is very simple to use and hence extremely powerful, the new site is a considerable step up on what we used to have. Put together with our social media initiatives, the website is a powerful tool that we'll use to promote the business. Throughout the process Fuel were very good at incorporating the site functionality we were looking for, and when it came time to actually populate the site with text and images the team at Fuel were only a phone call away for guidance. As we continue to build the features on the site, expand the functionality and ultimately move to a predominantly e-commerce model, there's no doubt that out first stop will be Fuel.


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Harker Herbals Snowberry Fuji Film Sheepworld LBTH Farmgard Media Council Matisse SPQ Acero Deloitte Hazero Ash Air SP Insurance Waterware Eauroclass Allproof Unison Ara NZ Professional Firefighters Union

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