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Fuel Design, 20 Florence Avenue, Orewa

Formed in 2002, Fuel is a leading Auckland based Digital Agency specialising in Custom Websites, eCommerce, and Customer Experience.

Early on the Fuel team realised what SMB's wanted was to either make themselves appear more professional online, or to simply increase sales (online or in-stores, or both). The best way to achieve this is to create a professional website, which helps create brand loyalty utilising proven techniques.

These include;

  • A robust, fast-loading website solution
  • Professional branding with clear company goals
  • Engaging website content that drives the user to a strong call-to-action (purchase online, sign-up etc)
  • Captivating photography and video
  • Increased Search Engine rankings through keyword-rich copy and proper website tagging
  • Customer Engagement through targeted customer follow-ups, loyalty rewards, incentives, blogs, direct marketing & newsletters, customer surveys & feedback,  staff training & up-skilling, sentiment feedback, and much more
  • Social Media marketing and campaigns driving customers to your website
  • System Integrations to improve efficiency and reduce errors
  • Reporting & Analytics to help measure and manage what's working and what's not.

All in all, we noticed that when these techniques were used together, companies experienced greater synergies and improved outcomes. Unlike many other digital agencies, who claim to deliver a complete package, they are often in reality "Jack of all trades and master of none".

The Fuel team realised we needed to specialise in what we do best, custom websites, eCommerce & eCatalogue solutions, customer experience and long-term support. However, to ensure our clients still have everything they need, Fuel have partnered with other selected specialists. This is how the "Digital Directive" was born.

More about the Digital Directive

What a fantastic team to work with! Friendly, professional at all times, patient and very skilled at what they do. It can be a stressful time managing a new website project and Fuel was there at every step along the way, providing service and skillfully navigating the technical terrain for the uninitiated. I highly recommend Jason and his team.

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