Unique Fabrics

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Unique Fabrics

Working closely with Unique Fabrics, we transformed their online presence over a year, delivering a bespoke platform that seamlessly blends aesthetics with operational efficiency, featuring a user-centric design, a carefully curated user flow, and a fully custom-developed Mood Board app integrated with their stock management system.

Tony Kirwin

"We are extremely pleased with the outstanding work the team at Fuel Design has accomplished for Unique Fabrics. Their team demonstrated a keen understanding of our brand, resulting in a visually captivating and functionally robust website. The user-centric design and the innovative Mood Board app have significantly enhanced our customers' online experience. Fuel Design has exceeded our expectations, delivering a digital platform that beautifully showcases our textile offerings. We appreciate their dedication and expertise in bringing our vision to life and look forward to continued collaboration."

We designed and developed an advanced moodboard app for Unique Fabrics, enabling the user to seamlessly integrate textiles into your their personal mood board. Resize them, leave comments, and collaboratively shape the aesthetics of their upcoming projects. It's an amazing tool for personalizing and planning the user's creative endeavors.