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Why Newcheese?

Newcheese train, coach, run business workshops, one-off sessions and regular programmes. They understand every company has a different budget, every individual has a different learning style.

A skill that can make that presentation less stressful, that sales call more effective, that business meeting more useful might be natural to some, but learnt by the rest of us. Whether its learning to negotiate, become more assertive, more effective by phone, Newcheese has likely already worked in the area you or your people need most.

In the last six months alone, Newcheese has…

  • Helped hundreds to present more persuasively.
  • Negotiate confidently with better outcomes
  • Speak up at meetings –even run good productive meetings instead of chat fests.
  • Helped many to be more assertive – and direct people to tell less and listen more.
  • To get the all important nugget of information across the board room table
  • Helped Business People make calls bubble and flow instead of being falling l flat and cold
  • Worked with groups on major Business Bids.

Mike Carr from Newcheese Successful Coaching Training and Business Development has been beside people, helping them discover that ‘eureka’ moment for over 20 years. He’s great at it too and he does it because he is genuinely passionate to see people succeed – and he leaves a long list of people who say he’s as good as they ever get (even if Mike wont tell you that). That’s why businesses such as Air New Zeland, Ports Of Auckland and ANZ Bank have chosen Mike to get the absolute best from their peoples natural skills.

Whoever you decide to help you build your business skills, Mike would like to offer some points to consider…

  • Standing and presenting is a teachable skill (whatever fear you might currently hold) once you learn how to get energy running both ways.
  • Negotiating generates many painful experiences, but if you know how to plan, control the process and spot tactics – you’ll already be more than half way there.
  • If you’re considered one whose communication style is softer, you still don’t have to be intimidated and bulldozed. It’s just that no one’s probably ever taught you HOW to communicate with the more abrupt styles.
  • If you find yourself dominant and direct, but feel its time to learn a more leading style, then you’ll likely need help with BOTH thinking and skills – we do it all the time
  • Bidding for big pieces of business is a skill – both in the written documentation and the presentation. The bid that looses is seldom just because of price!
  • If you’re a new Supervisor. Or new Manager, don’t make the common mistakes others make. Getting the team onside, learning to make them accountable, getting work done through others and leading is easier when you know how and don’t just leave to chance.
  • Newcheese works with many who once thought “they couldn’t sell”. But they learnt to converse well, control the process, and look for opportunities and learnt useful sales skills. They began selling well immediately.

Let Newcheese help you make Business Skills Training successful by entering your details below.  If you need to discuss options – they’re happy to meet and discuss directions without any obligation.