Is your business website working FOR you?


With Fuel's website & digital marketing experience, we are able to create you a beautiful custom built website, with powerful eCommerce (if required), built-in email marketing & CRM, built-in customer automations & customer journeys, built-in blogging, social, analytics and more...

all in one easy to manage solution!

Now our customers actually enjoy marketing their products and growing their brand online.

Heard our radio advert? If not, check it out below...

Simplify your online business + boost sales.

Keeping in touch with customers and growing your online business is easier with Fuel's custom website solutions.

And it all comes with a Google PageSpeed Insights guarantee!

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Keep in touch with customers

Make keeping in touch with customers easier

So you're sending email campaigns to your customers, but wouldn't it be so much easier if your products, latest customer buying behaviour, and blog articles were all in one place?

Customer Automations

Create customer automations that increase sales whilst saving you admin time

So Bob bought a guitar online last month, now you are sending a bulk campaign out to all guitar buyers to buy a guitar case. But Bob has just bought a guitar case, so we'll send him a deal on a new amplifier instead - automatically and with the push of a few buttons and we haven't even left the website admin!

Customer relationship management CRM

Detailed customer information and management at your fingertips

With a detailed CRM built right into your website your customer information is always easy to access. Easily see when customers last logged in and send automated emails to customers that you haven't heard from in a while.

e-Commerce that works

eCommerce that works for YOUR business

So you have custom prices for customer groups, and some customers have special contract prices, you have both B2c & B2B customers, volumetric pricing and special discounts only available on certain catalogues and to certain customer groups. Take eCommerce to the next level with eCommerce that can be customised by us for your needs.

Take control of your website content

Take control of your website content

Not all content management systems (CMS) are easy to use and manage. We train you and your team on our easy to use but powerful CRM so you have the power to make the changes you want - and we are always here for you if you need us.

Fuel can help 'untangle your web' and help boost your business online...

Built-in Email Marketing

Create email marketing campaigns fast. With the built-in customer data, buyer behaviour, location, and all your products and content in one place - email campaigns are targeted and easier than ever before. We will create a branded email template and train you how to use these to grow your business and extend your brand identity.

Built-in Customer Automations & Customer Journey's

With all your customer data and buying behaviour in one place, customer automations have never been easier. There's literally thousands of ways to use automations, e.g. check customer's are happy with their shipment by creating sentiment feedback (e.g. happy / not happy  with your last shipment), if  not happy create an automation to elevate this to someone to call them and rectify any issues, send happy customers the opportunity to create a product review on their purchase and maybe even earn points for future purchases - the possibilities are endless and so much easier when all the data you need is in one place.

Built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Sales Tools

You may be using an external CRM currently, and that's fine, it means our CRM is capturing the data and fields you need and we can integrate into this if need be. But having this CRM locally also means that you can view the customers data including pages they have visited, products they have purchased, private notes from previous interactions, loyalty points,  purchasing location and so much more.

Built-in Social Marketing

Make social easier with built-in LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook posts in one place. Set times for publication and make tweaks to each post with ease.

Native and Flexible B2C & B2B eCommerce

Out of the box solutions don't work for every business, eCommerce is different for nearly every company we deal with. Some systems come with eCommerce but lack simple tools to create and manage a beautiful website, we have both. We can help with your Business to Customer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) eCommerce clients. From trade prices, to contract pricing, volumetric pricing, quick bulk ordering for businesses, specialised discounts, loyalty redemption, members areas, digital products and so much more. 

Easy to use Content Management System (CMS) for your website + eCommerce - and we fully train you and your team

An intuitive CMS with Drag-and-drop, point and change interface and customised to make your admin easier. We train you on how to use your new website and we even offer more advanced training for customers wanting to expand their knowledge of their website.

How do I get started?

1 - Let's have a chat to see if Fuel is a good fit for your business

We have different solutions for different businesses and budgets. Contact us below and we can book a time to explore your business requirements in more detail so we can find the perfect solution to untangle your web.

2 - Book a detailed scoping meeting together

Once we have established contact, we will either meet in person or create an online meeting to discuss your business requirements in detail. Knowing exactly what you need is the key to finding the right solution.  

3 - Fuel will create a detailed proposal

Once we have your businesses requirements, we will put together a detailed proposal to outline all we have discussed, with a 'core investment' and other 'recommended investment' options for now or in the future. This can then be further discussed and digitally signed to begin the process.

4 - Detailed workshop

Once we begin, we will start with a further detailed scoping workshop to outline the finer details, including; site-map hierarchy, website content and imagery, and anything else we need to get started on the design process.

5 - Custom Design process

We will design your custom website from the ground up (not just a template to squeeze you into a square hole) and once the core pages are ready we will discuss these together, make any tweaks and complete the rest of the visuals for final digital sign-off.

6 - Development

Once the deigns are completed we will begin the custom development process, CRM integrations, email template(s) and even product/customer import to help make things easier.

7 - Give your team website training

Our ethos is to teach you how to use the new website, including; content management, email marketing, blogging, analytics, CRM, eCommerce and anything else you will need to grow your online business.  The more you and your team can do, the less you will have to rely on us to help - but we are always here for you if you need us (we have been around since 2002 supporting businesses just like yours!)

8 - Final testing & Go-live

There's always a lot to test before the final go-live and to ensure everything we have created is the best it can possibly be. This includes '301 redirects' from previous URL page names for Google, keywords descriptions and meta tags, testing page speeds, contact forms are correct and working, and mobile/tablet is working as well as possible. There are literally thousands of complexities to a go-live, and we offer a four week free support for changes required and spotted after go-live for your peace of mind.

9 - After sales support

Your website is an ever expanding and breathing entity - and you will need support short and long term. We offer support contracts for clients needing monthly updates, and we run a support ticketing service to ensure we have your needs covered and in the support queue. . 

10 - Long term website growth

We are always here to talk about future developments and ways to grow your business once you've had time for the dust to settle and your ready to push your online business further. We custom develop many different requirements for our customers, from intranet portals, loyalty point systems, complex integrations to existing accounting / inventory and ERP solutions, and many other custom developments and marketing ideas to grow your business.

Fuel's 80% plus
Google Insights Guarantee!

Google has changed it's algorithm and it's creating huge waves in the Search Engine rankings. Most websites we see barely break 50/100 in Google Insights and this can heavily affect your rankings.

We guarantee at least 80% for your Core Web Vitals in both mobile and desktop (mobile being the most important now that Google is 'mobile-first').

Fuel's Google Insights Guarantee Fuel's Google Insights Guarantee

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It's rare to find a combination of a website/brand focused company that can deliver results, this is where the team at Fuel thrives. Coupled up with service, makes them valuable asset to any growing business wanting to expand online. Lastly, the team at Fuel is not satisfied until the personally provided a website that they would call their own and that's why I can safely recommend there work.


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