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What is Customer Experience?

People buy from businesses they like!

How they view such a business is a sum of their experiences across the full lifecycle of their interactions. Understanding and managing this life cycle from a digital perspective is essential for the growth and current bottom-line of any significant business.

A common way of managing an automating these experiences is through system-based customer journeys. 

Sales & Marketing Automation using Customer Journeys

One of the advantages of having so much functionality in one place (apart from not having to create expensive integrations!) is the ability to create automation through drag and drop Customer Journeys.

  • Nurture customers to an acquisition
  • Drive shoppers online to purchase
  • Reward customers along their journey
  • Give customers a voice through feedback
  • Design warranty claim journeys
  • Create journeys to nurture learners
  • And so much more...
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Customer Loyalty & Incentives

Create flexible Customer Loyalty programs that work both online and through your POS. Incentivise your customers (and even staff) with loyalty points, online vouchers, store credit, gifts and even lowest-price auctions. Cleverly designed loyalty systems create positive customer behaviour and enhance repetitive purchasing - which all drive your sales in the right direction.

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Advanced Email Campaigns.

Email Campaigns are an excellent way to promote new products, specials, send out new blogs and articles, create competitions and a lot more. But even though your email database is 'connected' to your website - is it really capturing ALL the data you need to create truly smart Email Campaigns, is it giving you ALL the reporting you need, and is it cost effective?

For example, create an email campaign to all customers who successfully purchased a specific product (or product line) in the last six months, that didn't buy a widget that goes with that product, that lives in Auckland, and are over the age of 18!

Some email systems can be arduous to use, and can't segment within the one campaign. Talk to us about creating truly integrated Email Campaign solutions that will grow your business quickly online.

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Online Surveys & Sentiment Feedback.

Creating surveys is a great way to find out what a customer thinks of your business, but is often driven from a third-party system and becomes cumbersome to use and measure. Create surveys, and even enhance these with loyalty points, or automate through the Customer Journey - all in one system.

Sentiment feedback in the form of a simple email (i.e. happy face / sad face feedback) is another powerful way to measure your customer's experience, especially after a product or service purchase. If they are happy, then maybe invite them to tell a friend (and maybe give them loyalty points), or if they are unhappy, maybe elevate this to a branch manager to call them, or automatically send them a more detailed form to find out what went wrong.

As they say - if you can measure it you can manage it, and a customer that was going to disappear may become your greatest ambassador through a clever customer journey!

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The more your sales representatives know about your product the more likely they will make a sale, and the right sale for your customer. Create knowledge through online learning or 'e-Learning' for your staff, your customers, your distributors - and even create quizzes to ensure they understand what they are learning. Incentivise their e-Learning experience, ensure they have watched the entire video or downloaded the required documents - and more.

Customers are 80% more likely to select a product that is recommended in-store (or online) by a knowledgeable staff member. Knowledge is power.

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Powerful Dashboards & Reporting

Create customisable dashboard experiences that target varying roles from executives, to sales reps, store managers, and customers, each with their own set of metrics relevant to their reporting needs.

Create powerful reports & analytics and even automatically send reports as an attachment in an email to key stakeholders within an organisation.

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