Why Good Customer Experience is so Important

Why Good Customer Experience is so Important

There are a lot of factors that go into gaining the "know-like-trust" factor from your customers, but the most important way is to ensure they have a good Customer Experience whenever they are dealing with your business.

What is Customer Experience (CX)?

Before we can jump into why the customer experience is so important, you need to know what it is. Customer Experience, or CX for short, is the complete interaction a customer has with your business and the perception they have of your brand.

It is not confined to the one time they stopped by your eCommerce store to make a purchase, or the time they opened the special offer you sent them via email. It is the ongoing relationship they have with your business - it needs to be a positive one.

Creating a good customer experience in the online space is vital for a number of reasons…

So how can you achieve a fantastic experience for your customers or clients? Take a look at some of our suggestions…

Streamlining Your Systems

Businesses are told that they need to create loyalty throughout a well-designed customer journey, but the tools to achieve this loyalty are often in completely separate silos. This can make the entire process tedious and often impossible for your business.

For example, your current website might send a customer database to your email campaign software, but it may not be passing all of the relevant data. It may not be tagging what type of customer they are, if they have purchased recently, which products or services they purchased, and if they also purchased related products or services in previous sales. When did they last log in to your website, what pages did they look at, did they consider a particular product or service, and were they even happy with their last purchase.

As a result, your customer can end up receiving emails about things they are not interested in, or even receive a sales push on something they have already purchased. These kinds of oversights can really tarnish the perception someone has about your business.

How can you get around this?

Instead of trying to make a number of software systems fit together when they aren’t designed to, purposefully engineer your website and processes with the customer experience in mind. Streamline your services so that your website communicates seamlessly with your email marketing platform, or even better, have it as part of your complete system. Then, with all of that relevant data, you can take advantage of automation options that remove the need to manually email your customers to stay in touch with content that is of interest to them.

If your systems aren’t producing the customer experience that you need and you don’t have the time to piece it all together, borrow our expertise. Here at Fuel, we specialise in creating complete website solutions designed to offer the best customer experience possible to increase your customer loyalty.

Check Your Customers are Happy

No news is good news, right? Often it is presumed that your customer has received their product and all is going well. But that might not always be the case. Similarly, you might think that you know what your customers want, but sometimes they can surprise you. The only way to truly know if they are happy with your business is to ask them.

Give your customers plenty of opportunities to provide their feedback. Trying to make improvements on your business without knowing what to improve is a bit like trying to fix a leaky tap with no plumbing experience, while wearing a blindfold. If you don’t know what you are doing, you can make the problem much worse!

After a purchase, send your customers a simple "sentiment feedback" (i.e. happy face / sad face) email, or ask them to review the product and your process. Or, you could create a simple survey to find out what people think of your business. You could incentivise these feedback requests with a loyalty program where customers could earn loyalty points or a discount on their next purchase.

Remember when it comes to feedback, if you can measure it you can manage it!

Involve Your Team

Any team member that interfaces with your customers is an integral part of the overall experience. Have your team been correctly trained to sell in a way that will encourage your customers to purchase? Diagnosing the problem your customer has and offering the right product or service as a solution is a fine art.

But you don’t only have to stop with one product. The upsell is a really underutilised tool in business. Yes, the customer will have to outlay more money, but their solution could be so much more effective with add-on products. Therefore, even though they are spending more, they will leave your business with a more positive experience.

Ensure that your team members have clear KPIs when it comes to selling, that they can access them easily, and that there is an incentive to push forward and achieve them.

Without a good experience, your customers are unlikely to buy from your business. Treat every interaction with a customer as a chance to impress them. That goes for having great service from your frontline team members, a website that does what it should, friendly and targeted communication that is of value, and using the feedback of your customers to improve your business.

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