'Untangling The Web' of Your Online Business

'Untangling The Web' of Your Online Business

When you try to dive down into each aspect, it can be confusing to work out how they integrate and fit together. After all, you want it to be easy to manage and seamless for your customers. Sometimes, that seems easier said than done. All the moving parts of an online business can feel like a tangled web. Luckily, we are here to help you untangle the web of your online business. Here’s how we do it:

All-in One Place

To maximise the people your business can reach, it is obvious that you need to have an online presence. In the first instance, that means having a sleek and functional e-commerce website.

Customer satisfaction and excellent customer experience are of utmost importance for any successful business. If a customer has a great experience with your website, then it increases the chances of them purchasing from you. It also greatly increases the chances they will return to make a repeat purchase in the future.

It is important to remember that the advantages of having a website do not only encompass gaining more clients or recognition. As a business operator, you will also benefit immensely by having all of your operations run out of one platform.

Having a website to streamline all of your processes and functions into one, a single platform will undoubtedly save you a lifetime of headaches. The management of your online business will become more fluent and efficient, as you will no longer spend time locating important material and information in different places.

By using your website as a central hub you can drive customer communications, stock management, marketing, and so much more from one place. This saves so much time, energy and money!

All the eCommerce Functions

A basic eCommerce website allows your customers to purchase products from your online store. However, your business doesn't only want a basic eCommerce functions, it requires a lot more to be successful. By using an integrated website, you are able to handle your Point of Sale system (POS) through your website platform. Your POS will record both your sales transactions, as well as inventory control, as well as all CRM information about your customers online + offline purchases.

With an integrated POS system it removes confusion as pricing is then controlled in the same place as the Inventory (Stock) Management.

That means if you do have a physical retail store, the salesperson is no longer dependent on a price tag to calculate the price of an item. Even if you operate solely online, this kind of system has huge benefits. It means price changes and customer / VIP discounts can also be picked up by the system.

Having all of this operating from the same platform as your website will result in better control, whether it be price or stock – leaving little room for miscalculation, and less expensive and time consuming integration is required.


We know that automation is the way of the future. But, it can be fiddly trying to integrate other systems to work alongside your website platform to deliver automated content.

Making the most out of your website not only allows your business to run smoothly, but it is also able to improve the overall productivity of your business. So, it makes sense to have automation features as an integral part of your website!

Email marketing and marketing automation have become exceedingly important in maintaining contact with your customers. The strategy of sending triggered or timed emails is also expected by your customers. If this function is clunky or doesn’t work well, then that doesn’t look good for your business!

An All-In-One Solution

If you are sick of trying to use 'Zaps' to get your website to talk to your email marketing, or communications falling into a black hole, then your business needs an all-in-one solution.

Managing many of the functions of your online business in one place may seem unimaginable. However, websites can be so much more than your virtual presence on the internet. By simplifying these functions into one uncomplicated website, you effectively save your business time, money and a great deal of stress.

We see many small and medium businesses quickly increasing their online sales (often doubling their online sales), reducing administration, and enjoying creating their Marketing Campaigns easily within the one powerful website.

So, how do you do it?

Well, it is quite simple. You let us put it all together for you.

Here at Fuel Design, we specialise in creating all-encompassing solutions for online businesses. No more trying to find the right plug-in to do the job or having an incomplete customer experience journey. Our comprehensive website solutions make untangling the web of online business easy.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can streamline your website for your customers and for you too!