The Importance of Personalised Website Training

The Importance of Personalised Website Training

You've hired a professional web development agency to build a custom website for your business, that's a great first step. But even the most beautifully designed, functionally robust website is only as good as your ability to use and maintain it properly. That's why personalised training directly from your web development team on how to use the admin area of your new site is absolutely crucial. Here are a few key reasons why this hands-on training is so important:

1. Learn to Update Content Easily

One of the biggest advantages of a custom-built website is the ability to easily update content yourself through a user-friendly content management system (CMS). However, every CMS is a bit different.

With Oncord CMS for instance, personalised training will guide you through logging into the admin area, creating new pages and blog posts, uploading images and documents, and editing existing content. This ensures you can keep your site fresh and up-to-date without constantly relying on (and paying) your web team.

2. Understand Site Functionality

In addition to the CMS, your custom website likely has other functionality built in, like advanced e-commerce features (e.g. advanced customer discounts, bulk pricing, inventory etc), membership areas, event calendars, email marketing, customer journey's and searchable customer databases.

Your training will cover all the moving parts that make your site work. You'll learn how to navigate the various sections of the admin area, change settings and preferences, and troubleshoot basic issues. This mastery over your site's functionality prevents surprises down the road.

3. Configure Settings Properly

From SEO and analytics settings to third party plugins (like Xero, AfterPay etc), there are countless configurations that impact how your website operates. Proper setup is crucial.

Personalised training ensures you understand all the settings available in your site's admin area. Your developers will explain best practices and walk you through configuring everything optimally from day one. This prevents easily avoidable mistakes that could hurt your site's performance or security.

4. Maintain Your Site Long-Term

Unlike other website systems, Oncord doesn't require after launch services like; software updates, and security patches. But like any system it is a good idea to create backup protocols to local devices.

With personalised training, you'll learn essential maintenance tasks and schedules. You'll know how to view security logs, roll-back to the last automatic backup (useful if you make a mistake and need to revert) and you site free of clutter by deleting old files and folders no longer required. 

5. Get Answers to Your Specific Questions

Finally, personalised training gives you the opportunity to ask any specific questions you have about using and managing your custom website. The developers who built it from the ground up can provide expert guidance tailored to your unique site, business requirements, and team's technical abilities.

Don't shortchange one of the most valuable components of your new website project - the training! Investing an hour or so with your web team to learn the ins and outs of your site's admin area will pay huge dividends in efficiently managing your online presence for years to come.

By incorporating the advanced 'All-in-One' Oncord CMS features and investing in personalised training, you ensure that your business can fully leverage the capabilities of your new website, keeping it up-to-date, functional, and secure.