Fuel Design turns 20

Fuel Design turns 20

Fuel Design turns 20!

It's official, Fuel Design Ltd has been incorporated for twenty years today (from 11/04/2002 - 11/04/2022), and It's been a roller coaster ride!

Fuel started from humble beginnings in my first house in 2002, working part time for an agency in Parnell, and then later moving the business to full time - which seemed like a huge leap of faith at the time.

From there, we moved to a new premises and employed our first employee, Richard, who was an absolute god-send, but unfortunately he passed away too early from an aggressive cancer and will always be remembered in helping Fuel get to that next level.

We have had many talented creatives and developers through the years, but none as dedicated as Stephen, who many of you still deal with today 14 years on.

Fuel have always been renowned for custom design & develpment, and that still stands strong today - where many companies have turned to offshore staff, we have stayed strong and employed 'bums on seats' supporting the local economy and concentrating on custom designed websites over templated designs, and creating bespoke functionality through our in-house developemnt team.

We have always lead when it comes to technology, and we had became known for pushing 'Web Standards' back in the day when the web was a free-for-all mess, and although this took a lot longer to develop we became renowned for this and demand increased.

We have also been resistive in pushing WordPress for our website Content Management System, to the surprise of many,  as we have always felt their were far better technologies around that could help our clients grow faster and achieve more. So we embarked on Business Catalyst in 2009, and this was later bought out by Adobe, and then later closed down, which was a huge challenge for all us. But through this pain arose Oncord, and we have never looked back. We wanted our customers to have more than just a website, and felt that the eCommerce, Marketing and Automation (and much more) that Oncord brings to the table are unlike anything we have seen in any other platform.

Fuel have becoming much more marketing orientated over the years, helping our clients with Nurture Campaigns, spin-to-win campaigns, Sentiment Feedback, product reviews & ratinsg, Email Automation and much more - all  utilising the powerful Oncord Marketing abilities. 

It's been a great ride, and there have been many high profile clients that we have worked with over the years, like; Fuji, Snowberry, Harker Herbal's, Ash Air, Waiwera, Deloitte etc. And many many smaller businesses which have been a pleasure to work with and watch grow through their website and online  marketing .

So thanks to all that have worked with Fuel over the last twenty years, and we look forward to an exciting future together.

Cheers, Jason Carr.