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Marketing Consultation Training, Modules and Automations

Unlike almost any other website platform on the market, your Oncord website comes with the powerful Marketing & Automation option.  Many of our customers have asked us to put together a Marketing Consultation package and a Maketing Training package so that we can teach you how to manage your digital marketing, how to use marketing automations to streamline your marketing processes, and show you come up with strategies together to increase sales and improve brand awereness. 

An example of Customer Automations and Digital Marketing in Oncord...

A customer has bought a guitar through your online shop, so we send them an automation one week after to see if they are completely satisfied (called sentiment feedback) and if they were happy šŸ˜ƒ  / neutral šŸ¤”  / or unhappy šŸ˜ž  -  unless we ask we may never have known that something may have gone wrong. Let's say that they expressed that they were unhappy with the purchase, we had created an automated workflow to send this response to a separate email address to immediately follow up on. From this you find out that the guitar was not the quite the colour they had thought it was - and this was easily changed for another one of their preferred colour. Now you have a customer that is impressed with your companies services and response, and has now become a martyr for your brand.

Four weeks later we have an automation that sends the customer a list of things they may want to buy for their guitar, but we notice they had already bought some new guitar strings, so the system changes the guitar strings out for some guitar leads instead - all through the one Marketing Automation.

Let's say we haven't seen anything from this customer in three months, so an automated and personalised email is sent through to them to keep your brand in mind, and offer them a discount on shipping via the discount code automation. They view the guitar leads because of the discounted shipping incentive, and we graphically show them if they were to purchase more than one of these guitar leads they would also get it at 5% discount on each cord (using advanced volumetric pricing). Of which they purchase two leads, with the discounted shipping.

One week later we send them an automated email to ensure all went well, and the sentiment feedback shows that they were very happy with the last order, so our automation sends them an email with an incentive to create a product review on the leads they have recently purchased - which they do, and we reward them by sending them a 5% discount code off of their next online order with us, which they use one week later to buy the guitar case we had suggested for them in a previous email.

This is one of many thousands of scenarios, but it illustrates just how powerful the Oncord system can be in enhancing your brand awareness and increasing sales through clever customer journeys and marketing automations.

Below are our Consultation & Planning Workshop and Digital Marketing Training, and some of the add-on options, so we can discuss these additional services together and  enhance your website sales...

Digital Marketing Consultation & Planning Workshop

Increase sales on through your Oncord website. This is a personalised consultation workshop to to discuss marketing ideas, automations, and other customer opportunities to Fuel your business online. Connect with and grow with your customers.

  • 1 - Personalised consultation workshop, either over Zoom or at the Fuel Offices
  • 2 - Gives your business a Marketing Solution utilising your Oncord website to help increase online sales, customer loyalty, and brand identity.
  • 3 - We will document your results and implement any selected customised add-ons for you 

Note: This is a consultation Workshop, and does not include implementation of add-ons and modules. These will be quoted separately in your Marketing Solution if needed.

Digital Marketing Training

Learn to use the Oncord Marketing emails better, create complex Customer Journey's yourself through the Marketing Automations module, and learn more on how to filter your customer database to better target your customers based on location, buying behaviour, and other criteria captured by the Oncord CRM.

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