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Digital Marketing AdviceDigital Marketing Advice

Implementation of Digital Marketing PlanImplementation of Digital Marketing Plan

Digital Enablement AdviceDigital Enablement Advice

Implementation of Digital Enablement PlanImplementation of Digital Enablement Plan

As you are likely aware, Ministers have announced further support for New Zealand businesses like yours during these unprecedented times. As part of the Activate Tāmaki Makaurau initiative, FUEL has positioned itself to offer further support to our clients and future clients.

What can we help you with?

Your website is important, it's like the center of a wheel, everything should be connected to it.

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Digital Marketing Workshop (Digital Marketing Advice)

Digital Marketing Workshop (Digital Marketing Advice)

Detailed website sitemap planning, content and page strategies, capturing customer details and marketing planning, customer automation strategies, email marketing strategies, digital marketing strategies to encourage repeat purchases, and more.

Implementation of Digital Marketing Plan

Implementation of Digital Marketing Plan

So you have a plan, through us or from a third party, or maybe you know what you want, and just need a new website or e-commerce store? We can implement this for you. We can build a well designed website, with easy Content Management and eCommerce with marketing & Automation built right in. 

Digital Enablement Workshop (Digital Enablement Advice)

Digital Enablement Workshop (Digital Enablement Advice)

Get your processes online, and custom made solutions for your business. Fuel have enabled many businesses to create 'back-end' solutions custom made for their needs. Whether this is a portal for your staff or wholesalers, a private sales channel for a selected few, an intranet / extranet,  or something completely bespoke that you would like to build online, we can help you plan this and come up with new ways to streamline your business.

Implementation of Digital Enablement Plan

Implementation of Digital Enablement Plan

We have made a detailed plan together, now we can implement the plan for you and get things going.

How does it work?

Business Advice

Auckland businesses are able to apply for up to $3,000 + GST through Business Advice Support. This includes access to expert advice and strategy such as Digital Marketing and Digital Enablement through our Workshops.

Implementation Grant

Auckland businesses are able to apply for up to $4,000 + GST based on the Business Advice they receive. This grant will pay for services to implement your business advice or plan. These services may include website development, e-Commerce  and Digital Marketing setup, Customer Journey Automations implementation  and more.

Applications opened on Wednesday 1st December for both Business Advice and an Implementation Grant.

How do I apply?

Business Advice Funding

  1. Click here apply for the Business Advice funding

  2. As part of the application you will be asked if you have a preferred supplier, here you can FUEL DESIGN LIMITED (or leave blank and an Advisor will refer you to some suitable providers). NOTE : that if you are applying for the Implementation Grant you have to already have a service provider chosen so you will need to enter your preferred service provider.

  3. Select ‘Digital Marketing Advice’ or 'Digital Enablement Advice'

  4. When asked ‘how will the service benefit your business’, in your own words describe what problem you are facing and how the support will help. E.g, we need to drive more traffic to our website to increase enquiries so need help with a digital marketing plan.

Implementation Grant

  1. Click here to apply for the Implementation Grant

  2. To apply for the Implementation Grant you need to have a service provider to work with, so please include FUEL DESIGN LIMITED here.
    NOTE: If you leave blank your application will be rejected!

  3. Under ‘What areas of support would you like to apply for select either ‘Implementation of Digital Marketing Plan’ or ‘Implementation of Digital Enablement Plan’.

  4. When asked ‘how will the service benefit your business’, in your own words describe what problem you are facing and how the support will help. E.g, Our website is old and needs to be updated.

Request a proposal

Once you have registered (either for the Business Advice or Implementation Grant) and are logged in, go to the ‘My AU Referrals’ section, click on your referral and select ‘request a proposal’. This will send us a notification and we will get in touch to discuss your requirements and then submit a proposal on your behalf for funding.

Do the work!

When the proposal is approved and we receive a contract to sign (this is automatically generated for both of us to sign) we can then get to work. When the services have been delivered, they will get in touch to check you are satisfied. They then pay us directly.

If you need any further help in registering just get in touch with us using the online form (below) and we can walk you through it.

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Amazing results! Incredible team! The project of developing our new website was made “So Easy” due to the team at Fuel Design. They understood the brief quickly, generated ideas and concepts that we would never have thought of and delivered a website, on time, on budget which far exceeded our expectations. End result? More sales from a very well constructed platform. Google loves us, and our clients find using our online service easy… all because of Fuel Design.


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