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Fuel IS a leading Auckland Web Design agency, and have been empowering business around NZ (& the world) for well over a decade… long enough to know a thing or two about website design, usability techniques, search engine optimisation, the best web technologies and the latest Web Standards.

We use the Adobe Business Catalyst Online Business Suite and Content Management System to fuel our creative website designs; enabling our web designers to build you a powerful new website that is effective, easy to use, and very search engine friendly. Why not take a moment to find out what makes us different from other Auckland website design companies

Google Hummingbird - What you need to know!

Google Hummingbird update, what does it mean for your business? At the end of September 2013, on the eve of its 15th birthday, Google launched a new release called Hummingbird. Hummingbird is a very different creature, not simply another algorithm update, it is in fact, an entirely new one. To illustrate the radical change, Google abandoned the monochrome animal naming convention. The panda’s and penguins left behind, Google embraced an entirely more colourful creature, chosen to represent speed and agility, the Hummingbird. Read More...

Once Upon a Trip Ltd

We first contacted Fuel Design from France. We sent them our story board, 1 week later we received an estimated budget and schedule which were both very realistic regarding final payment and the launching of our website.

Fuel Design is a very professional team, they took time to listen to us, to understand our needs and wishes and also our strategy, they even dare to give their opinion and sometimes made us change our mind, if they think we could build a page in a better way, specially for the search engine optimization.

Their knowledge and good taste in design is something we really appreciated as well, as nowadays the design is paramount for a website. To sum up, Fuel Design offers fair prices, plus perfect knowledge and skills in website business.

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