oncord + WorkflowMax website integration

WorkflowMax Website Integration


Run your projects from beginning to end with WorkflowMax project management software. Do it all – quoting, scheduling, time tracking, invoicing and reporting – and get a much better picture of your people and your profit. Trial at www.workflowmax.com

Why Integrate Oncord & WorkflowMax?

* Please note: Workflow Max is currently undergoing an API update. The 2-way contact sync feature is currently disabled. We expect this feature to be re-instated soon (January 2021). In the meantime, contacts can still pushed to WorkFlow Max via web forms.

What does it Sync?

The WorkflowMax integration works by synchronising the following information:

From Your Website

From WorkflowMax

Sync Contacts*

Save time with intelligent, automated two-way contact synchronization. When you update contact details in Oncord, the contact detail changes are reflected in  WorkflowMax.

Sync Contacts*

When you update contact details in  WorkflowMax, the contact detail changes are reflected in Oncord.

Web Forms Create Leads

Forms on your website can be configured to automatically create 'leads' inside WorkflowMax. This reduces data entry time and ensures enquiries are followed up.

E-mail & SMS Marketing

Send targeted e-mail and SMS campaigns to your WorkflowMax contacts. After sending a message, view data about who opened, read and clicked links in the message to improve your campaigns.

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Would you like to save time and money syncing data between your website and WorkflowMax? Would you like a website that looks great, is easy to manage, handles all your online eCommerce, your customer CRM data, all your outbound email (and SMS) marketing, and even adds email Automation?

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