Hand-coded and custom-built with the very latest Web technologies.

Once all the design and creative work are over, another set of brilliant minds enters the show to build the backbone of your website and assemble all the pieces together.

For over 15 years, covering both New Zealand and worldwide, our team has been hand-coding bespoke websites and eCommerce platforms of all shapes and sizes. We know what makes your site work well online.

Website development services.

  • eCommerce website development
  • eCatalogue websites (online Catalogue)
  • Editable dynamic websites
  • Blog website
  • Landing pages
  • Intranet development
  • User Interface (UI) platforms

Whether you’re after an online catalogue, a full eCommerce platform or simply a website to increase your brand awareness, our developers will hand-code your tailor-made solutions using the latest web technologies and Web Standards. We never work from templates and only use the best web development platforms to ensure optimal speeds and the best Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) results.

If you’ve been disappointed with web design companies treating you like a “project” instead of nurturing a long-term customer relationship, you’ve knocked on the right door. We can’t stand it either and are determined to provide you with a point of contact, the level of support and communication you deserve.

Bespoke websites tailor-made for your requirements.

Perhaps your business had a go at web development using tools like Shopify, Squarespace, Wordpress, Wix or others and felt the boundaries of their "customisable" template options. While we don’t deny these tools can do a great job for those starting their online journey, they have their limitations when it comes to creating the next level of online businesses.  

We believe in "aces in their places", and that professional website developers will add their years of experience to ensure your website is built to be clean and fast while following the many 'tricks of the trade' we have come to learn - from W3C Web Standards, the latest website technologies and principles, intuitive administration development to final pre-flighting and final testing and go-live, to tracking & reporting and future development requests.

W3C Web Standards.

Our websites are completely hand-coded (or hand-crafted as we like to say) to the latest W3C Web Standards and compliant with the ‘Best Practice Web Design' principles.

Following stringent Web Standards allows more control for future browsers/platforms, creates better accessibility, makes faster loading websites through better streamlining of code and most importantly it gives better ‘organic' search results in search engines.

We feel it is a very important aspect of any websites - and so does Google.