Our core passion. Each design we produce reflects the unique character and personality of our clients’ brand.

We’re not trying to bring up the sales pitch here - but a clean and professional design is our fundamental drive and amongst the top reasons our clients select us. Our custom designed websites speak for themselves.

"As a relatively new business, we were looking not just for a website, but for a design team that could help us define and capture our company's emerging identity. Fuel Design succeeded absolutely in this task."

Ltd. Architectural Design Studio.

Auckland's boutique web design company.

It takes more than luck to become one of New Zealand’s leading web design agencies. Our hand-coded websites are designed to embody your company’s vision and mirror its culture. With elegance and functionality, we will create designs that will engage your audience’s active attention.

We will aim to communicate visually the greatness of your products and services.

Custom designs for your business.

We have the ambition to make your website the reference in your industry. Fuel’s team of innovative designers have the skills to create digital designs that will capture visitors, and convert visitors into customers.

We do not work with templates, period. Our websites are completely hand-coded (or hand-crafted as we like to say) to the latest W3C Web Standards and ‘Best Practice Web Design' principles.

The web design services we encompass are:

  • custom website designs
  • website landing page design
  • website design consultant and planning
  • website redesign
  • responsive design for mobile devices
  • website conversion and design optimisation
  • extranet and Intranet design
  • User experience design
  • User interface design

Graphic design specialists.

While following the lead of our creative team of designers, we will also aim to convey your ideas, your vision.

A professional website design can do a lot for your business; like defining your brand, your company’s ethos – think of Apple. You can place your business way above your competition with a clean design that speaks for the quality of your products and services, and intuitively leads your visitors to what they are looking for.

This is why working with templates does not work for everyone - we craft bespoke designs that suit your vision and your market, positions your business where you want it to be whilst convincing your audience to trust your brand.

"There are 3 responses to a piece of design - yes, no and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for."

M. Glaser - american most reputable graphic designer.

Responsive design.

Designed for mobiles, optimised for desktops, tablets and all other mobile devices.

Our team of web designers is professionally trained to ensure the design we create for your website can adapt to all platforms - keeping the user experience flawless.

Mobile friendly websites have become the norm. If over 48% of consumers perform their search online first on mobile, it’s worth ensuring your web partner master this skill. Google loves it too - its ranking algorithm favours mobile friendly sites.

"61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing and 40% visit a competitor’s site instead"

McKinsey & Company.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can convert your website into a truly mobile-friendly platform.