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UX design or User eXperience is the evolution of intuitive design - it’s taking into account how you feel and act throughout your journey on an online platform. Considering 78% of consumers will go online before making their final buying decision, it’s worth ensuring your users create a great first experience when interacting with your website.

"Rule of thumb for UX: more options = more problems."

S. Belsky - VP. Product & Community | Adobe.

Unique User Experience.

At Fuel, we’ve built our design skills on the understanding of the consumer behaviour online. The last 14 years of experience have taught us to look at different ways of arousing emotions through a virtual platform.

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel."

M. Angelou - American poet, memoirist & Civil right activist.

After all, UX is a tool to optimise your conversion rate - the percentage of users who take the desired action - used wisely, it will become your most influential and memorable argument. In a nutshell, UX design will focus on the pleasurable feeling a website can diffuse in order to make a brand unforgettable.

If a brand is unique why would you use a template to showcase your brand online? This is why we do not use templates - the exclusiveness of the website we'll create for you will sustain your efforts in being unforgettable.

UX design services.

When you’re buying a bespoke suit, you’re expecting to enter a store that will greet you on arrival and remember your name. From the doorstep to the point of sale and beyond, you’re going through an experience that makes you feel special as a customer but also gave you clues on what to expect about the quality of your purchase.

This is what user experience will aim to reproduce virtually. We research, design, test and refine the digital interaction your visitors will be having throughout your website in order to raise their trust.

Our team of designers and website developers will make ongoing efforts to plug in the mindset of your audience and present them with relevant choices.

"Does it better” always beats “Did it first."

A. Levy - CEO | Box.

UI Design Specialist.

While often mixed up with user experience, in essence, User Interface (UI) design focuses on the interactivity of a product which would complement ultimately the user experience.

Especially in eCommerce, saying the usability and fluidity of a website influence greatly its conversion rate is an understatement. It’s a necessity to realise it matters to your customers how easily your design will help them to achieve their goals. The easier the process, the stronger the end user’s gratitude will be and the more likely they’ll come back or tell their friends/family about their positive shopping experience.

Our specialist UI designers are transforming still designs into animated and intuitive ones. They’re also responsible for the responsiveness of your design - the adaptation to all device screens - that will allow your audience to interact with your brand on the go.

Admin User Experience.

User Experience is not JUST about the front end of your website, it should encompass the admin of your website too. When it's easy and intuitive to change and update your content, you're more inclined to want to make changes to your site.

ABC gives us the flexibility to entirely customise your CMS so you can feel confident in making the regular changes you require. No need to know coding to be able to move content around, everything is setup to be very intuitive and user-friendly.

Also, with the CMS training(s) we provide before the live date of your site and the Support packages we have in place, you’ll feel supported at all time. Online success relies on up-to-date information and accuracy - we will ensure to facilitate this process for you.

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The first thing that struck me with Jason and the team at Fuel Design was their highly professional service. Their excellent communication skills meant I knew exactly where we were up to at any point. Not something you normally expect in this industry. They went out of their way to ensure I understood what was happening at each stage of the process.

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