Building an online business, not just a website.

Clean design and seamless user experience from the Homepage to the Shopping Cart. Discover how Fuel can empower your online business.

"For you to achieve your goals, visitors must first achieve theirs."

B. Eisenberg, Founder & CMO | IdealSpot.

Customised eCommerce solutions for truly unique online stores.

Fuel’s eCommerce website solutions are custom designed and coded to address your specific business requirements. As your digital partner, we aim to provide the solutions and the functionality that best suits your specific business requirements.

Fully hand-coded, our eCommerce websites are developed to build trust and engage with your target audience - let us motivate your visitors to buy today.

"You should learn from your competitor, but never copy. Copy and you die."

Jack Ma, Executive Chairman | Alibaba Group.

Success in eCommerce.

A robust marketing plan, a defined target audience, refined business processes, and an experienced web partner with design and development expertise in a proven integrated eCommerce Platform.

With 15+ years of experience building eCommerce solutions, Fuel strongly believes that one of the most flexible and stable integrated eCommerce platforms is Adobe’s 6 in 1 Business Catalyst.

Using Adobe Business Catalyst, Fuel is able to deliver eCommerce websites with a broad range of functionality:

  • The highest online security available (PCI tier one security compliance)
  • Seamless and hosted Payment Gateway integration (through approved Payment Gateways)
  • Customer + wholesale pricing with volumetric pricing for both
  • Online inventory control (including low stock notification and re-ordering)
  • Upload/download of product database (from .CSV file)
  • Automated website & product image resizing and optimisation
  • "On sale" functionality (with RRP vs onside price)
  • Gift vouchers + discount codes (with free shipping, percentage, or fixed price discounts + more)
  • Uploading + sales of digital products
  • SEO optimised product content (including titles, editable URL, canonical, product description, and more)
  • Shipping zones with cart weights
  • Multiple country pricing and taxation
  • Drop shipping options
  • Min/max quantities
  • Release/expiry date
  • Product weighting (e.g. more popular products showing first)
  • Specific product detail capturing (e.g. Gift messages)
  • Product custom fields, keywords (good for mis-spellings and associated wording), product description with powerful online editor
  • Product attributes (e.g. colour etc) and Product Grouping (e.g. available sizes + pricing etc)
  • Upsell/cross-sell (related products)
  • Plus a LOT more...

Editable eCommerce platform.

One of our goals is to empower our clients to update easily and regularly their website themselves. Our customers trust us to build a fully editable eCommerce website structure which, give them the ability to upload fresh content on daily basis.

  • A user-friendly CMS allows you to edit your content whenever you need to - upload new imagery, product descriptions, technical specs to download, display special events and promotions YOURSELF!
  • The search-engine friendly framework we will develop gives you the flexibility to update visual and textual content as you wish.
  • Experience the full Admin dashboard on the go - wherever the internet is accessible, you will be able to manage your website performance from the comfort of a desktop or any mobile devices.

eCommerce platforms, solutions and features are numerous. Talk to us to understand which one will best suit your needs, capabilities and industry.

eCommerce website Integration.

Discover Smart eCommerce - the eCommerce website that will communicate smoothly with the rest of your business.

Fuel along with our industry partner Convergence, can provide seamless automation of data entry and administration duties, by integrating existing software systems with your eCommerce website.

Xero, Unleashed, MYOB, Vend, Salesforce and other 3rd party inventory, POS, CRM etc. software, have the capacity to be integrated with your online business, helping your business run smoothly.

"Amazing results! Incredible team! [...] More sales from a very well constructed platform. Google loves us, and our clients find using our online service easy… all because of Fuel Design"

Training on Demand.